One Skein Cowl

Hello all! Well, the countdown has begun for Christmas, and each day I get more and more excited just like a big kid. I love to make and give presents, so I thought I'd write up a pattern as a gift for all you crochet fans out there.

So, here is the One Skein Cowl - so delightfully soft and snuggly. Made from one of my favourite yarns at the moment, Malabrigo Worsted and what's more, you only need one 100g skein to make it....

English terms (American version included in the Ravelry download).

♥ 100g of aran weight yarn. Here one skein (100g) of Malabrigo Worsted 100% merino yarn has been used in Milonga
♥ 5mm hook

Stitches used;
slst = slip stitch
ch = chain
dc = double crochet

rpt = repeat
frm = from
rnd = round

13 stitches and 13 rows = 10cm x 10cm square using double crochet

Finished size;
37cm x 16cm when folded in half (enough to fit over your head once)

Work 90ch, join with slst to beginning ch.

Rnd 1;
1ch, 1dc in each ch around to end joining with slst to first dc (90 sts)

Rnd 2;
2ch, work 1cluster in same place and in each dc around as follows;

  1. Yarn round hook. 
  2. Insert hook in to the stitch, yarn round hook and pull through loop (3 loops on hook). 
  3. Yarn round hook again, insert hook in to the same space, yarn round hook and pull though loop (5 loops on hook). 
  4. Yarn round hook and pull through all 5 loops. 
Continue by working 1cluster in each dc around. Join the round with a slst in to the top of the beginning 2 ch. (90 sts)

Rnd 3;
1ch, 1dc in same space. 1dc in each cluster around joining with slst to first dc. (90 sts)

Rpt rnds 2 and 3 a further 8 times or until you've ran out of yarn.

Fasten off and weave in ends.

For a more textured look, simply turn the cowl inside out.

Ta-dah! You made your very own One Skein Cowl! Perfect for that winter weather...

You can find the pattern on Ravelry to download for free.

I hope you enjoy making this little cowl as much as I have :)




  1. This is so very pretty! thank you for the pattern and helpful pictures . . . and the link for the download!!!
    Darlene P.

  2. This is gorgeous thank you, working on your land girl scarf aswell. Great patterns!

  3. Thank you for this lovely pattern- I had a lot of fun crocheting it! :D

  4. thanks for sharing this pattern! the yarn is gorgeous:)

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  6. Where is the "space" when instructed to perform a stitch immediately following a "chain" stitch. Rows 1 and 2 both chain, then you are instructed to perform a stitch in the "same space." Please explain. Thank you.

    1. Hi Susan,

      The space refers to the stitch where the slst has been worked in to from the previous round. This sits under the chain hence why the pattern says to work your stitch in the same stitch as your chain.
      Best wishes,


    2. Thanks, Amy. I appreciate your quick response. Understood. This will be my next project.


  7. Love this pattern - I ordered the yarn you used and have used it on other projects as well. I've shared your pattern and blog with a few that have complimented me on the cowl. Your work is fabulous - many thanks for sharing this lovely pattern and yarn!