Holiday Time

A couple of weeks a go we went on a family trip to Dorset hoping for a bit of rest and relaxation, maybe even some sun with the sea and sand. It was definitely a much needed break for us all.

However, the great English weather seemed to have other ideas...storms galore for the first few days and nights made it an utter delight while staying in a caravan on the edge of the coast. I imagined we were going to be whirling round the beach, tornado stylee. A rest it was not. But not to worry! We had a wonderful end to our windswept week with lots of sunshine, catching up with friends, playing on the beach, making numerous sand castles, and taking trips to our favourite seaside town, Swanage :)

I hope you are enjoy your summer holidays :)

Byeee for now,


Baby Days

Wow, these last four months have simply flown by. It's seems so long since I wrote on here, but at the same time it's gone by in a happy baby filled blur. We have first smiles and goo-goo gah-gah conversations already. My days have been busy, busy - feeding, changing nappies, and doing the usual routine with Tiny D. It's been truly tiring, though I have found a little bit of time to sqquueeeeze in a bit of making and creating :)

I have to say, I've been rather indulgent in my makes just lately. Making things for Tiny D, myself and our home. I don't know about you, but in just about every nook and cranny here is filled with past 'experiments'. Knitting, patchwork, and even crochet. Our settee has lots of mis-matched tatty cushions, so I am definitely determined to conjure up a set of new bright and colourful ones using my favourite techniques and vintage inspired colours...

Patchwork. Mmmm...At the moment I am in love with patchwork. I have been reading and gazing at the luscious photos over on one of my favourite blogs - Posie Gets Cozy. The way Alicia Paulson decorates her beautiful home with gorgeous makes of patchwork, knit and crochet. My heart sighs. I wish I had more time to make such beautiful things. One step at a time, Amy :) Not to mention, her delightful daughter reminds me of my own little lady.

This will become one of my cushions, but more of that to come...

Knitting. Well, another craft I wish I was more accomplished at, is knitting. One day I would truly love to make my own jumpers and cardys. But for now, a pouffe will have to do.

This was a very easy first project. I used Zpagetti yarn, 10mm needles and roughly followed this tutorial here, only using one skein of yarn. It has come out smaller than I expected, but just right to pop your feet on while lounging on the settee. Oh and before you ask - I used a pillow case for the lining, half filled it with those little white bean bag balls and secured the top of the pillowcase with a bobble.

Crochet. I can't forget my first love, now can I? :) Tiny D is so in to Bing at the moment. Toys are only available to pre-order here, so I thought I would have a go at crocheting her one, with a Flop to match of course (sorry, no pattern available due to copyright reasons).

See you back here real soon, maybe even with a few more makes from me...

Toodle Pip! :)