Little Boy Blanket

Hi there my lovelies, I hope you're all having a cool and crafty weekend :) As I'm sure most of you know by now, I'm due to have another wee baby in just a couple of weeks. Just before Christmas I had the massive task of deciding exactly which pattern to use and which colours to choose for making that all important baby blanket :)

Something I haven't reveled yet, is that we know the little one will be a Boy! Yes, we will soon be able to join the 'one of each' club, which I am very excited about!

After much pondering, I decided to go for the Sunshine Granny Baby Blanket pattern (which you can buy here and here). I love this pattern as it's so cheery and just a little bit different from the usual Granny Square.

For this wee mans blankie, I used Drops Merino Extra Fine yarn, which I just love. It's so soft, comes in a great array of colours, just perfect for a baby blanket. Here, I used - Mustard, Grey Blue, Red, Pistashio, Light Brown, Off white and for the main colour - Light Grey Mix.

Isn't it lovely? I simply can't wait to bring my baby boy home all wrapped up in this!

So...if you don't hear from me for a while, you know why. But I will certainly try to keep you updated as often as possible. I may post little updates on the Little Doolally Facebook page more often, here is the link in case you want to keep in touch.

Happy hooking all!

Ta-ta for now :)



  1. A lovely blanket for the newcommer :) All the best.

  2. Beautiful! Love your color choices. And congratulations!

  3. Oh my goodness, I hit the jackpot when I found your blog. I absolutely LOVE the patterns you have posted! They are all most unique in pattern and color selections! I've purchased two and can't wait to see future creations.....Thanks!

  4. Found you from Simply crochet I love your fresh looking blog. And this blanket is very yummy I'm really into the great at the moment. Just making something too that has a grey as the last two rounds hexegon shape.

  5. Your blanket has turned out very beautiful and I wish you all the best for the time to come. Looking forward to hearing all the news!

  6. Hi!!! I saw your pattern on raverly for the toilet paper cozy with the little bird on top, how do I buy it? Any way I can get it for free? If not thats fine, I'm new to this, I just thought it would be cute for my mom! Thanks!!!!

    1. Hi there,
      Sorry the pattern isn't available yet as it's a old pattern and it needs to be checked. But hopefully it will be available in the future :)

    2. Ok, thank you!