Mollie Makes

Howdy all :) Today I thought I'd share with you a lovely little crochet book I came across a week or two ago. It's by Mollie Makes and is crammed full of fun and pretty crochet projects.

I had a dig through my yarn stash and came across this wonderfully soft DROPS Cotton Merino which I brought a while ago and didn't get round to using. So I thought I'd have a go with it for my first project.

In this book there are a few crochet patterns by one of my most favourite pattern designers, Emma Lamb. She has a wonderful way with colour and I love her vintage yet delicate creations. So first, I made a little brooch for myself....

This will definitely be a pretty addition to my autumn jacket when I start to wear it :)

The next thing I made was a beautiful mat...

I made it using DROPS Paris 100% cotton, one of my favourite yarns, in Mustard, Off White and Light Blue Purple. I may even brush some PVA glue on to the back to make it stiff and hang it up on the wall for all to see!

When I have more time, I'll be making more out of this book. It has some lovely ideas in for little projects to make as Christmas gifts (apologies if it's a tad early to be mentioning the 'C' word!).

You can find the book here if you want to treat yourself to a copy.

Byeee for now my lovelies!



  1. love your choice of colours.......❤️

  2. I love the yarn you've used :) I also have the book - it's great! I haven't managed to make anything yet but you've inspired me :) I really like that doily especially....

  3. Just found your blog via AnneMarie :) Can't wait to look back through your blogging journey, i'm sure you'll hear more from me soon!

  4. Beautifully made! I really like your choice of colours! :)
    Ingrid x