Beatrice Baby Blanket

Hello there folks, how have you been? Today I have for you a brand new baby blanket pattern. Inspired by breezy summer days and the colours of beautiful bright flowers that are in bloom at the moment, I bring to you the lovely Beatrice Baby Blanket...

For this blanket, DROPS Paris 100% cotton has been used (a full list of colours is included in the pattern). This yarn is one of my favourites at the moment and comes in a wide range of beautiful colours.

This light and airy blanket is very easy to make and works up really quickly. You can easily adjust the size of blanket you want to make (simple instructions included) - why not make a afgan for your settee? :)

You can find this pattern in all of my shops....

I hope you enjoy making this little beauty as much as I did :)

See you back here soon,




  1. So beautiful! love it! Lisanne

  2. Beautiful, just purchased your 4 pack bundle of patterns for more making and hooky action time on my holidays. Love the patterns and your colour palette. Thanks karen :O)x

  3. This is beautiful! My first baby is due in October and this is perfect! But I knot and can't crochet! :( I just need someone to make this for me!!
    x LoulyDee x

  4. Lovely blanket, lovely colours!
    Thank you for sharing :-)