Handmade Goodies

I thought I'd share with you a few little handmade beauties that I have bought over the last couple of weeks from fellow crafters on Etsy.

The first three gorgeous little bits are from a wonderful shopee called Newton and the Apple. This shop is run by a very lovely lady named Gemma in Nottingham. They design, make and sell all their science themed goodies in their Etsy shop and on Not On The Highstreet.

 I just love the warm sky blue colour of this Cloud Types mug and it's perfect for my sketching pencils :)

I have to say I haven't stopped wearing this since it arrived. It's so wonderfully smooth, but what I like most about this Mother of Pearl necklace is that it combines both silver and brass. I think they go so well together!

This mug was a Father's Day day gift from Tiny D to her Daddy :) Again, I love the colour of this mug, and the periodic table theme is perfect for my husband, who I have to confess, is a bit of a science nerd (sorry dear!).

The final thing I have to show you is this beautiful print of the embroidered artwork 'My Garden' by Chloe from Days in Design in Wales. I have actually brought this for my parents Anniversary in July. It suits them down to a T! I especially love the chickens as we had them as pets when we were young.

Do give these shops a browse, especially if you are looking for something precious and unique.

Have a great week, 

Ta-tah for now my lovelies :)


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  1. Thank you so much for this recommendation! It's my boyfriend's birthday next month and after being stuck for ideas for weeks I know he will love the cloud types mug as he's a pilot! Definitely will be making a purchase :)