Beatrice Baby Blanket

Hello there folks, how have you been? Today I have for you a brand new baby blanket pattern. Inspired by breezy summer days and the colours of beautiful bright flowers that are in bloom at the moment, I bring to you the lovely Beatrice Baby Blanket...

For this blanket, DROPS Paris 100% cotton has been used (a full list of colours is included in the pattern). This yarn is one of my favourites at the moment and comes in a wide range of beautiful colours.

This light and airy blanket is very easy to make and works up really quickly. You can easily adjust the size of blanket you want to make (simple instructions included) - why not make a afgan for your settee? :)

You can find this pattern in all of my shops....

I hope you enjoy making this little beauty as much as I did :)

See you back here soon,



Handmade Goodies

I thought I'd share with you a few little handmade beauties that I have bought over the last couple of weeks from fellow crafters on Etsy.

The first three gorgeous little bits are from a wonderful shopee called Newton and the Apple. This shop is run by a very lovely lady named Gemma in Nottingham. They design, make and sell all their science themed goodies in their Etsy shop and on Not On The Highstreet.

 I just love the warm sky blue colour of this Cloud Types mug and it's perfect for my sketching pencils :)

I have to say I haven't stopped wearing this since it arrived. It's so wonderfully smooth, but what I like most about this Mother of Pearl necklace is that it combines both silver and brass. I think they go so well together!

This mug was a Father's Day day gift from Tiny D to her Daddy :) Again, I love the colour of this mug, and the periodic table theme is perfect for my husband, who I have to confess, is a bit of a science nerd (sorry dear!).

The final thing I have to show you is this beautiful print of the embroidered artwork 'My Garden' by Chloe from Days in Design in Wales. I have actually brought this for my parents Anniversary in July. It suits them down to a T! I especially love the chickens as we had them as pets when we were young.

Do give these shops a browse, especially if you are looking for something precious and unique.

Have a great week, 

Ta-tah for now my lovelies :)


Picnic Anyone?

Hello my friends! Today for you I have a wonderful brand new pattern - The Tartan Cushion. I don't know about you, but I simply love the summer (even English summers!). So, for this pattern, I was very much inspired by the summer sky, picnics, and lazy afternoons - three of my most favourite things ;)

The pattern to make this beautiful cushion, has lots of photos to guide you through. It is more for a intermediate crocheter or a beginner looking for a challenge. The yarn I used is DROPS Lima, which is 65% wool and 35% alpaca. It is lovely and soft and comes in a gorgeous array of colours :)

You can find the pattern in all of my shops, and as always, each download comes with both American and English terms.

I do hope you will have a go. You could make lots of these cushions in all different colours!

Have a brill weekend!

Cheerio for now :)