Flower Power

Hello and happy Tuesday all :) The sun has decided to break through the clouds bringing with it a lovely spring time warmth. So, I've just popped outside to take some cool photos of the flowers in my English Garden for you...Hope you enjoy :)

I do love the close-ups and blurry effects. I'm experimenting at the moment with my 'new' second-hand f1.8 fixed lens and magnifying attachments. I would really recommend these little magnifying lenses if you want great macro shots and have a tight budget. You can get them really cheap from here. It's definitely worth it too if your taking close-ups of jewellery etc.

Anyway...best get back to the crochet :)




  1. Lovely flowers and fab photos! I have a similar new camera and am finding it fun to experiment with, too! Thanks for sharing a little beauty!

    1. Thanks so much, Susan :) I do love experimenting with my camera!