Pretty Things

Last week I bought a new camera lens (1.8f Prime Lens for those in the know ;)) and was so excited about using it, I thought I'd just take a few quick pics of some of the lovely vintagy things around my home and share them with you. I hope you like them :)

Have a great week and see you back here soon :)


Start Of Spring?

 I woke up this morning to the sun shining through the window! What joy :) It made me feel warm and happy inside. As for those who live in England know, the weather has been pretty pants of late.

So I decided to venture outside and take a short trip around the garden with Tiny D, and to my surprise, there were sure signs of the beginning of spring! Yippee!

Did you all have a good Valentines Day on Friday? I hope those who got a Valentines Day Gift Bag made for you, loved it and will maybe even keep it as a little precious keepsake :)

Crochet wise, things have been rather busy (as usual). I seem to have around four projects and patterns on the go all at once. It seems there is just not enough time in the day to cram in all my need to make these goodies. 

But, do not fret my friends, they will be with you soon so you can make, make, make :)

Toodle pip! 


Valentines Day Gift Bag

For the super romantic occasion that's just on the horizon (that's Valentines Day, February 14th for anyone that's forgotten) I have conjured up a lovely free crochet pattern for you all.

If you've bought your other-half a super special gift and the usual shop-bought wrapping paper just won't do, then why not have a go at making this cute little drawstring bag?...

It's a great little project if you're a beginner to intarsia crochet (the technique used when a picture is a made with in the stitch).

You can download it for free from Ravelry, (both English and American versions) or you can follow the instructions below;

English version

Heart Gift Bag

♥ 30g of DK yarn for the main colour of the bag. Small amount of contrasting piece of yarn for the heart. Here, Yeoman Yarn's Panama DK in Haze and Fiesta have been used (you can buy it from here).
♥ 3.5mm hook
♥ Approx 50cm of ribbon. I used East of India 'With Love' ribbon (you can buy it here or from here )

Stitches used;
ch = chain
dc = double crochet (sc in US terms)
tr = treble crochet (dc in US terms)

frm = from
til = until
rpt = repeat

Finished bag size approx 14cm x 10cm (5.5” x 3.5”)
Inside pouch size approx 10cm x 9cm (4” x 3.25”)

With your main colour yarn, work 17ch plus 1ch for turning.

Row 1;
In 2nd ch frm hook work 1dc, 1dc in each ch til end. Turn.

Row 2;
1ch, 1dc in 1st dc, 1dc in each dc across til end. Turn.

Row 3-5;
Rpt row 2. Turn.

Row 6;
3ch (represents 1tr, 1ch), miss 1st dc, * 1tr in next dc, 1ch, miss 1 dc,* rpt frm * til end working last tr in turning ch (9 1ch spaces). Turn.

Row 7;
1ch, 1dc in 1st 1 ch space, 1dc in each tr and 1 ch space til end working last dc in top of turning ch. Turn (17dc in total).

Row 8-31;
1ch, 1dc in each dc across til end. Turn.

Row 32-41;
Work from graph below, snaking your way up, making sure to work 1ch at the beginning of each row for turning.

1square = 1dc

Changing colours;

  1. Do not finish the last dc before changing colours, leave two loops on your hook. Make a loose loop with your contrasting coloured yarn .
  2. Pull the contrasting colour loop through the 2 loops on your hook. Carry on with the next stitch with the contrasting colour leaving all tails behind the work.
  3. To change back to the previous colour, follow steps 1 and 2 picking up the main colour yarn.

When you have finished your heart motif, you can cut your contrasting coloured yarn, but leave enough of a tail to weave in later.

It is very important to keep a good tension on the yarn that will cross with back of your heart motif, do not pull it tightly, as it will pucker your work and it wont lie flat. However don't leave it too loose as this will make your stitches become loose over time.

Back                                                                            Front

Row 42-45;
1ch, work 1dc in each stitch across to end, turn.

Row 46;
3ch (represents 1tr, 1ch), miss 1st dc, * 1tr in next dc, 1ch, miss 1 dc * rpt frm * til end working last tr in turning ch (9 1ch spaces). Turn.

Row 47;
1ch, 1dc in 1st 1 ch space, 1dc in each tr and 1 ch space til end working last dc in top of turning ch. Turn (17dc in total).

Row 48-51;
1ch, 1dc in each dc across til end. Fasten off and weave in all ends.

Fold your gift bag in half, wrong sides together, and use a simple running stitch down each side with the main colour yarn making sure that the tr rows line up.

Finally using the ribbon of your choice, weave it in and out of your tr row, round the back and then the front.

Ta-dah! You have your very own heart gift bag perfect for giving that special gift for Valentines Day (or Birthday or Christmas or any occasion actually!) :)

If you enjoyed having a go at this intarsia crochet project, I have more of these type of patterns in all of my shops - 

Have a great week and see you back here soon!

Ta-ta for now :)


Zigzag Infinity Scarf

Hello all! I trust you have had a good week whether you've been sewing, knitting, hooking or making away with what ever craft takes your fancy. I came across a website called Kollabora over the Christmas holidays and I have to say it's great to get some cool inspiration. There's lots of free projects and a great collection of makers. Check it out if you haven't already done so, it's well worth it :)

 At the moment I really love geometric prints and patterns. Especially the good old zigzag.

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It's modern yet vintage. Some like to call it a chevron or wave, but I think zigzag is just the ticket! So... inspired as well by the fantastic British weather of this time of year, I have designed a new crochet pattern....

Yes, a lovely infinity scarf! This beauty is so snugly and warm, it is an essential accessory if you are planning on stepping outside at all at the moment.

To make it, I have tried a new yarn, Rico's Essential Soft Merino superwash 100% virgin wool. It really is wonderfully soft and what's great is that you can wash it. You can buy it from here (I really, really recommend this website. Great value yarn and the free delivery on orders over £25 is seriously fast).


You can find the pattern in any of my shops;

This pattern includes American and English versions, so no annoying converting!

Have a go and have a brillo week!

Toodle pip!