Cosy Cowl

I've been busy this week whipping up this new pattern that will keep you lovely and warm in this winter weather. It's really quick and easy to get going and before you know it you will have made yourself this....

A lovely comfy and cosy cowl.

Now, I've never owned or worn a cowl before, but after wearing this one for a few days, I'm struggling to take it off - just because I love wearing it sooo much. It's great! It's like having a polo neck jumper on, but if you get too hot, you simply slip it off over your head. And what's better, there's no end bits to get in the way like a scarf. It's brilliant for wearing indoors as well as outdoors with your favourite jacket or coat.

The stitch I have used here is lovely, it looks kind of knitted. Also, the inside of the cowl looks quite different from the outside, so you can wear it which ever way suits your mood.

As always you can find the pattern in my shops;

I hope you enjoy making it. I have several more orders to make more for family members already!

So, I'd best get cracking :)

See you soon my lovelies, and have a great weekend!


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