Well, I've not been on here in a couple of weeks as things have been very, very busy in the Doolally household. My husband, lets call him Big Doolally has been on his travels again, (hopefully for the last time for a wee while) leaving me and Tiny D up to mischief. When he got back unfortunately stomach bugs and seasonal colds struck. Boo :( So all things crafty and crochet have been taking a  little while longer to whip up than usual.

Yesterday, was a big day for me , I have to say. I turned the Big 3-0. Yes, not in my twenties anymore. Nope, not me. Well, at least I don't feel any different and I had some fab gifts and cards...

Seriously cool raccoon socks - and yes, it was a bit of a job to get my foot on that desk to take a photo. Good thing I'm not too old and rickety just yet!

This magazine 'Pretty Nostalgic' was a great gift. It's crammed with ye olde bits and bobs, great photos, crafty and thrifty projects and well, just all sorts of wonderful vintagey chic.

I may have to subscribe to this little beauty, or at least make a purchase of their Home book.

That's all for now folks. I hope you had a great weekend too :)



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