Winter Woodland Scarf

Hello! This week I have a real treat for you. I thought it's been a while since I wrote a free pattern, so I've done one that's perfect for those winter chills. 

It's called the Winter Wonderland Scarf and it's super warm and cosy, and what's best of all - the yarn is such a beautiful colour. It's Drops Big Delight, it's 100% wool and you will need 2 balls to complete the scarf. There is a ton of pretty shades to choose from, but I decided on Autumn Forest. You can buy it here. Yumity yum :)

This patten is perfect for beginners and there is a full tutorial on how to do the main stitch - a half treble crochet - htr (hdc in US terms).'s the pattern, you can also download it for free from Ravelry.

Winter Woodland Scarf
Little Doolally

♥ 200g of DROPS Big Delight in Autumn Forest, 
♥ 4.5mm hook, 
♥ darning needle, 
♥ scissors, 
♥ stiff cardboard

ch = chain
htr = half treble crochet (half double crochet (hdc) in US terms)

How to do a htr;

  1. Yarn round hook.
  2. Insert the hook in to the stitch, yarn round hook again and pull through loop (3 loops on hook).
  3. Yarn round hook and pull through all 3 loops on the hook.
  4. Your stitch is complete!
  5. Ta-dah! Carry on repeating steps 1-4 to complete your scarf.
To start;
Work 32ch.
Row 1; In 3rd chain from hook, work 1htr, 1htr in each stitch across until the end, turn.
Row 2; 2ch, 1htr in each stitch across until the end, turn.

Repeat row 2 130 times or until your scarf is as long as you require, remembering to leave enough yarn for the tassels.
If you like, you can add tassels on to each end of your scarf. To make a tassel;

  1. Wrap your yarn round the card 15 times.
  2. Cut through the yarn at one end of the cardboard.
  3. Make a loose loop with the yarn.
  4. Insert a thick crochet hook (I used 8mm) in to the edge of the scarf where you want the tassel to be.
  5. Hook the loop of yarn through the scarf.
  6. Pop the ends of the yarn through the loop.
  7. Pull the ends tight.
  8. When you have put 5 tassels on each end, trim them all to the same length.

Ta-dah! You have made your very own Winter Woodland Scarf and you will be envy of all your friends :)

I hope you will have a go and enjoy making it and wearing it. I know I'll be wearing it all autumn, winter and probably spring too knowing the usual English weather!

Byeee for now my lovelies!



  1. Hi Amy, just found your lovely scarf via pinterest. Thanks for the pattern. I am really loving the colour of the yarn you used. Is the yarn soft, because I normally can't wear wool? Cheers

    1. Hello there!
      I love this yarn too, such beautiful colours. To be honest, it is a little scratchy, though I haven't washed it yet (I find wool does soften a little after being washed). However, you can use any Aran weight yarn to follow the pattern. There are lots and lots of lovely yarns out there. Do take a look at as they have a great range. Hope this helps and happy hooking :)

  2. I love your scarf,The colors you choose are a perfect accent to the stitch,Thank you for sharing the pattern.I have been looking for a beautiful pattern for my granddaughter,This is it!!
    Beautiful work,and I really enjoy your blog,Maybe stop by mine I just opened one ,I am a newbie at it,but could use some support,
    THank You

  3. Those colors are amazing! I must have that yarn! :) thank you for sharing!

    1. sorry my site link didn't is:

  4. I love your scarf an in the middle of making one myself,but I don't know what suze of cardboard to use to make the tassels, can you help me out with that? Thank you, Carla S.

  5. Hi Carla,

    I would recommend a 4-5 inch length of card, or how ever long you want your tassels to be. Bear in mind to make them a little longer than you require as you will need to trim them after attaching them to the scarf.

    Best wishes,