Spending the Pennies

I realised I haven't done a blog post in ages about the wonderful goodies and bargains I have bought. So I thought I'd do one, as there have been a few nice purchases recently indeed.

To be honest, I don't go shopping quite as often as I once did, purely because I don't have the time or the space at home to put all the things I buy. However! I did happen to notice the local Cricket Club were having a car boot sale. So, off I popped, and came across this....

Yes! It's a old manual typewriter! Isn't it lovely! I really, really love the colour and what's even better, it's in full working order complete with ribbon :)

I'm not entirely sure what I'm going to do with it yet. It would be great to have on display on a shelf somewhere or to type letters with it, if I actually wrote letters! But, anyho, it had to be worth it for a mere £2.50. Bargain! :)

The next little bit of lovely I came across, was this....

Now, you can't beat a good bit of Kitsch. A little fawn sitting by a tree that's also a vase - who would say No to that? It just had to be done.

It's a perfect little vase, actually, to put things in like - New Crochet Hooks!

Now then, these weren't exactly a car-booty find, but I have been pondering over these for a little while. Umm-ing and Arr-ing thinking 'do I really need more hooks to add to my collection?' Well, to my surprise, my wonderful husband thought I did (thank you, my dear) :)

These hooks are called 'Symfonie' wood crochet hooks by Knit Pro. They are made from dyed beech wood and are absolutely gorgeous and a serious bit of Yum!

In this set, you get a 3.5mm, 4.5mm, 5mm, 6mm and 8mm. They have a handy flat finger grip and ridges in the end of each hook so your stitches don't fall off.  Though I do have to say, you will have to remember which hook is which size as the white numbers on them come off after a bit of use.

Have you bought any lovely bargains lately?

Toodle Pip!


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  1. I love the crochet hooks! They are so pretty and they do wonderfully in your vase. And what a find with the typewriter!