A Rubbish Week

Hello you guys! Well, this week has been a toughie, a real pants week if I'm being honest. My lovely husband had to work in Germany for a whole five nights, but not only that, Tiny D had tummy trouble, so lucky me, I had a great time staying indoors doing constant nappy changes :( Such a delight!

Anyhoo...I am very pleased to say all is back to normal at last, and I've even made you a new pattern! How I managed that I've no idea!

So...Ta dah! Here is the 'Mustard Flower Cushion' I love it soooo much.

Do you like it? I love the mixture of Intasia crochet and crochet applique, and I also love the colour...Mmmm, Mustard Yellow :)

For the cushion, I used Drops Karisma which is 100% wool and lovely and soft. I love Drops Yarn, it is top quality and I particularly like their great range of colours.


It looks great sitting on my settee with last weeks pattern - Scandinavian Flower Cushion.

You can find the pattern here in my shops;

Hope you enjoy making it :) Oh, and in case you didn't already know, here's a little treat - you can buy two patterns in my Etsy shop for $7 by using the discount code '2PATTERNS' at the checkout. Enjoy!

Have a super duper week :)

See you later alligator! 


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