See a Penny, Pick It Up...

Ok, my lovelies, as promised here is a new crochet pattern for you to have a go at. I've done another Baby Blanket just because I love making them so much.

I have named it the 'Penny Baby Blanket' after one of my favourite toys as a child but also I thought it was a good name because of the stitch used looks kind of like linked circles like little pennies.

To make this little beauty, as always, I used DROPS Muskat 100% cotton yarn. Mmmm, I really do love this yarn. You know that it's really great quality and you could wash it and wash it (as you know you have to with these babies) and it would still keep it's colour and shape. 

Another to add to the ever growing pile :)
You can find the pattern in any of my shops below. The listings in my Etsy and Craftsy shops include instructions in both English and American terms (you will be able to download them both).

I hope you enjoy making it as much as I did :)



The BIG Number 1

Wow, I can't believe my little daughter Tiny D is a whole 1 Year Old today. She has grown so much, and has become such a beautiful person with a beautiful personality. It is a real joy to spend time with her. We celebrated her special day by going on a day trip to the Zoo. Twycross Zoo to be precise.

Looking at all the animals was great, Tiny D was certainly excited and particular enjoyed the owls :)

It really was a  great day out for us all, but I have to say it was very tiring!
So...goodnight to you all...
There will be more crochet news to follow very soon :)

Tah-ta for now,


Hello Mr. Fox

Gosh, this week has flown! Tiny D and I have been busy with play dates, visiting Grandma and Grandad and catching up with good old friends. It's been thoroughly enjoyable :) I was aiming to do a crochet pattern for another baby blanket this week, but it's not quite finished yet. So I thought I'd have another stab of a pattern I unsuccessfully tried to complete a couple of weeks ago. A wonderfully woodland(y) Fox Brooch!

Do you like him? I have to say I must have remade this little guy probably around 20 times before I was exactly happy with the way he looked. I really wanted him to look kind of like a real fox but a little bit cute at the same time. I am soooo happy with him now and simply can not wait to display him proudly on my jacket :)

To make him, I used good old DROPS Muskat 100% cotton DK using a slightly smaller hook than I usually use, a 3.00mm. I used plain black beads for his eyes and a gorgeous vintage black glass button for his nose.

You can find the pattern in my shops as usual.

I hope you have fun making this little guy like I did :)
Have a great week!
Ta-tah for now,


A Rubbish Week

Hello you guys! Well, this week has been a toughie, a real pants week if I'm being honest. My lovely husband had to work in Germany for a whole five nights, but not only that, Tiny D had tummy trouble, so lucky me, I had a great time staying indoors doing constant nappy changes :( Such a delight!

Anyhoo...I am very pleased to say all is back to normal at last, and I've even made you a new pattern! How I managed that I've no idea!

So...Ta dah! Here is the 'Mustard Flower Cushion' I love it soooo much.

Do you like it? I love the mixture of Intasia crochet and crochet applique, and I also love the colour...Mmmm, Mustard Yellow :)

For the cushion, I used Drops Karisma which is 100% wool and lovely and soft. I love Drops Yarn, it is top quality and I particularly like their great range of colours.


It looks great sitting on my settee with last weeks pattern - Scandinavian Flower Cushion.

You can find the pattern here in my shops;

Hope you enjoy making it :) Oh, and in case you didn't already know, here's a little treat - you can buy two patterns in my Etsy shop for $7 by using the discount code '2PATTERNS' at the checkout. Enjoy!

Have a super duper week :)

See you later alligator!