A Bit Of Scandinavia

I have to say, I'm a bit of a fan of anything Scandinavian. I love the little wooden houses, furniture, fashion even their T.V programmes! But most of all, their traditional patterns like Fair Isle and unique flower shapes make my eyes light up with delight.

My husband and I went on our Honeymoon not too long ago cruising around the Norwegian Fjords with tremendous glaciers and snowy mountains. It is certainly a part of the world that has captured my heart and I could visit there again and again.

So that is my inspiration for my latest crochet pattern - a Scandinavian Flower Cushion;

I love the colours on this cushion and in particular my favourite at the moment - mustard yellow ♥

The technique I have used is called Intarsia Crochet. For those who aren't familiar with this, it is where a picture is crocheted in to the design using different colours. I really enjoy designing patterns using this technique as I think the results look pretty amazing.

You can find the pattern in my shops;

Give it a go and let me know what you think!
Right...I'm off to do some more Scandinavian inspired crocheting :)

Mmm..comfy :)

Have a great week and see you back here soon!

Chow for now :)



  1. Like you, I love Scandinavian design (and crime dramas!!) but haven't been there yet. Have been pinning lots of Scandinavian Christmas pics on Pinterest lately too - they do it SO well :o)

    Love the design and the mix of colours in this. Intarsia crochet isn't something I do very much of - perhaps I should...

    1. Yes, Debbie, I think it's definitely worth doing some Intarsia crochet, you can get some very nice effects! I'll have to check out your Pinterest, it sounds lovely :)