The Wollaton Adventure

Well, it's been over a week since I last wrote on here. The weather here has just been too lovely to sit inside on a computer, so I do apologise, sorry! Tiny D and me have been on lot's of walks in the sunshine, and today, a playdate. Actually it's more of a Mother's Meet. Most weeks a group of us gals meet up for coffee and cake and of course a good old chin-wag :)

This week we went to a place called Wollaton Hall. It's kinda famous, you know. The Hall itself was used as the  'Wayne Manor' in the most recent Batman film 'The Dark Knight Rises'. Oh yes, all sorts of exciting things happen round here!
It's so lovely there. There's a big lake, lot's of trees and greenery and a nice little cafe, not to mention all the deer.

Tiny D had lot's of fun, as always playing with her little friends and er...eating the grass...She's become a real tinker!

Hello ice cream man!

Well, enjoy the weather while the sun is shining :)
There will be a new pattern coming your way very soon!

Ta-tah for now!


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