Hello! I hope everyone has enjoyed the scorching weekend, and not been baking yourselves too much :)

As promised, here is my new pattern - a seriously cute little Owl. It took me a little while longer to write the pattern and take photos of him as I made several adjustments to get him looking just the  way I wanted. I got so attached to the little guy, I've named him Percy :) Do you like him?

When making Percy, I used 100% cotton DK. I really enjoy using DROPs Muskat 100% cotton yarn at the moment. Here's a link to where I buy it from, they do really great offers and very quick delivery. To make him stand up, I popped in some dried marrow-fat peas in the bottom just to give that bit of weight. He looks great sitting there on my shelf now!

You can find the pattern on;

The tutorial has lots of photos to guide you through making this great fellow, and is a fantastic gift idea for any age, or to just have sitting on a shelf. Don't forget - you can sell what you make (perfect for those craft fairs!)

You can find the crochet Bird pattern here
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  1. Percy is so cute! Great work :o) I'm imagining also how he would look when made with something fluffy like mohair or angora - mmmmm