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Helloo! I do hope you are well and looking forward to the weekend. Today, I have finally got round to posting the Eight Pieces of Lovely I made, what seems like yonks ago. If you don't already know about the yarn bombing adventures of Lucy at Attic 24, you can have a read here. I think it's really great to bring the crochet community together and work on one massive project like this for all to enjoy :)

Off to North Yorkshire they go (Bye, Bye bunting!).

I have to say, I've been super excited for one whole day (because of their seriously fast delivery!), something I ordered yesterday came for me this very morning! Want to see what it was?

New yarn! Eeek! I am sooo in love with this new yarn! It's by Drops and is called Cotton Viscose. I love it because it's soft like cotton but with a kind of shiny/shimmery thread added in with it ♥

See what I mean about shiny (and we all like a bit of shiny, now don't we :D)
I got it from here if you fancy a try. Hmm now what to make with it.....

Well - you could try my new pattern (see how I snuck that in there!) and make a lovely chocolate box Country Cottage with it! Ta-dah!

Yes, a new pattern for the weekend! This pretty little cottage is great to make to sit on your shelf for that little quirky touch to your room or, as a soft toy. It kind of reminds me of the little cottages and houses you would find in Fairy Tales like Hansel and Gretel or Little Red Riding Hood.

You can find the pattern in my shops here;

I hope you enjoy making it :)

Well, now I have to say 'Cheerio' as Tiny D has just woken from her nap,

See you back again soon,


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