Happy go Shopping

What a glorious day! The sun is shining, colourful flowers are finally blooming in the garden and even Tiny D is being all lovely and a good girl.

Today, I wanted to share with you my latest buys. After a bit of Charity Shop shopping, I came across a few very nice things. Some books from the 70's -

 Old craft books are great. They are often full of forgotten ideas that you can adapt to make them more modern with a vintage twist. It's always worth having a good look at books like these. I also came across this girly story book. I love the style of the illustration on the cover.

I enjoy having a good rummage through the sheets/duvet covers and curtains in Charity Shops. You can get a great amount of fabric with these for not very much money. You can cut them up to make cushion covers, patchwork or even clothes.

I found this curtain which I think I will make in to a cushion cover as I'm in desperate need of some new ones. The book, my husband bought from a car boot sale last year. I just love the lime green colour of them both.

These I picked up from here for bargain prices. When ever I go in to this shop, I always head straight to the clearance section and always manage to find something that takes my fancy for next to nothing. I do love my bargains :)

This next goodie, is from Fiona Gander's Etsy shop 'Have a Gander UK'. I saw this very item in a Treasury List and simply had to have it. It's defiantly going to be framed and popped up on the wall. Take a peek at her work, it's lovely!

Well...I think I'm all spent up for now :) I'm currently working on two crochet patterns and hope to have them to you real soon. Keep your eyes peeled!

Enjoy the sun (while it lasts),



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