8 Pieces of Lovely

Hello! I trust you are all well and had a lovely bank holiday weekend :) I did. We went for walks in the sunshine, ate nice food and went to a craft fair to browse at goodies and eat scones. It was in our local village and took place in a revamped Victorian Methodist Church. It was interesting to see inside as I often pass here and think how lovely it is.

Oh before I forget - I have a new crochet pattern out - Little Bird. You can check it out on Etsy and Ravelry.

I have been a busy bee as well this past week. Catching up on reading my favourite blogs. One of my most favourites has got to be Attic24 written by Lucy. Now, if you're a avid hooky lover like me you will already know of Lucy and her fantastic blog. She writes about her colourful everyday life, family adventures and of course crochet! This week she has asked her fans to make a little something for this years Yarndale - a Festival of Creativity that is taking place in September up North in the Yorkshire Dales.

Well after reading this post I simply couldn't resist Lucy's request to make some bunting. So I had a good old rummage through my (huge) yarn stash and started making.

I really like the 'vintagy' colours especially the golden brown.

Auburn Ari just has to get in on the shots :)

Bunting is a great thing to make. It's simple and super quick too. I did enjoy whipping up these eight pieces of lovely :) I can't seem to decide on whether to put some little crochet flowers and maybe some old buttons on the plain ones, what do you think?

Well that's all for now :)

Hope you have a great week!


Good Old Granny

New pattern time! Yeay! It's the one I've been promising you for what seems like ages. The traditional granny square pram blanket. Perfect to accompany any pram/pushchair/stroller or car seat or as just a little snuggle blankie.

I just love the brightness of these kind of blankets - the colour combinations are endless!

You can find the pattern as a instant download (so no waiting around) on Etsy, Ravelry and Craftsy. Hope you enjoy it :)



Snap Happy

I hope you all had a great bank holiday weekend. For a change the weather was fantastic. A small taste of summer. On Sunday we went to our usual sunny day retreat, Elvaston Castle. We actually got to go in to the 'Old English Garden' this time - it's normally closed off to the public. It was great in there, relaxing on the grass just taking in all the vibrant coloured flowers.

I've been practising and practising my photography skills at the moment, so not much crochet time for me it seems. I'm going to be trying my hardest to post a new pattern next week though, hopefully the granny square project I started talking about on this post here.

But for now I will love you and leave you with a few more flowery pics, oh, and one of mischievous Tiny D (you gotta love the chunky arms :)

Enjoy the rest of your week,



Bunnies Galore

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My love for these little furry creatures started as a child. At the age of 12, my parents got me my very own little bunny. I named her Molly. She was wonderful. I loved spending all of my time with her at the top of the garden where I'd let her out to play and she would hop and jump around eating dandelions. She is definitely the source of inspiration of my new crochet pattern...

Do you like it? It's super easy to make and certainly adds charm to my settee :) I love it!

For the back, I used a old cardigan with buttons down the centre to create an opening, so none of those pesky zips are involved.

If you're looking for a bank holiday weekend project you can find the pattern on Etsy and Ravelry to instantly download, so no waiting around :)

Enjoy, and have a great extra day off!

Ta Ta,


Happy go Shopping

What a glorious day! The sun is shining, colourful flowers are finally blooming in the garden and even Tiny D is being all lovely and a good girl.

Today, I wanted to share with you my latest buys. After a bit of Charity Shop shopping, I came across a few very nice things. Some books from the 70's -

 Old craft books are great. They are often full of forgotten ideas that you can adapt to make them more modern with a vintage twist. It's always worth having a good look at books like these. I also came across this girly story book. I love the style of the illustration on the cover.

I enjoy having a good rummage through the sheets/duvet covers and curtains in Charity Shops. You can get a great amount of fabric with these for not very much money. You can cut them up to make cushion covers, patchwork or even clothes.

I found this curtain which I think I will make in to a cushion cover as I'm in desperate need of some new ones. The book, my husband bought from a car boot sale last year. I just love the lime green colour of them both.

These I picked up from here for bargain prices. When ever I go in to this shop, I always head straight to the clearance section and always manage to find something that takes my fancy for next to nothing. I do love my bargains :)

This next goodie, is from Fiona Gander's Etsy shop 'Have a Gander UK'. I saw this very item in a Treasury List and simply had to have it. It's defiantly going to be framed and popped up on the wall. Take a peek at her work, it's lovely!

Well...I think I'm all spent up for now :) I'm currently working on two crochet patterns and hope to have them to you real soon. Keep your eyes peeled!

Enjoy the sun (while it lasts),