The Weekend

This weekend my husband did a very good deed indeed. He gave his very tired and exhausted wife (er - me) a much needed break. A little break from Tiny D that is. I enjoy spending time with her so much, her personality is developing every day and I have to give her tonnes of snuggles and kisses because she is just irresistible. But sometimes, just sometimes it is nice to be able to concentrate on one thing with all of your brain, and not half on the thing your doing and the other half on another little person making sure they are not getting in to any kind of mischief.

So, on that day, I had a quick look round the local shops, just picking up a few bits and bobs. Then I went to the craft shop where I came across these pretty nifty sets of letters.

I also had a bit of a crafting session making more badges for my shop (we will come back to that in a minute). It was so lovely to have that time to myself, but to be honest, I was starting to get a tad lonely and missing them both that I was very happy to see them when they got back home.

So, the next day was car booty day. Yes, the first car boot of the year! I do love going round these car boot sales. Who knows what you might find. One time it might be a box of old buttons, or a piece of unusual jewellery, the the next time you may even find a fantastic piece of unwanted furniture. This time, for us, we actually bought Tiny D the most things. Our bags were full of toys, books and clothes. But the main find, I have to say, was this lovely old vintage sheet.

When I got home, I added to the badges I had already made using some of this fabric. I'm going to make other things with it too, like a cushion cover and maybe even some patchwork. But anyway, here are the few badges I made. They will be going in to my shop shortly.

Do you like them? I'm also adding one of the badges I made on this post.

Well that's it for now, Tiny D has just woken, so half of my brain is saying 'Byeeee'!



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