New Pattern!

New pattern time! Yeay!

Hello! How is everyone? Hope you've had a good week. Man, am I glad it's Friday. I know it's been a short week for most of us, but for some reason it's been a tiring one. I've not even done anything out of  the ordinary!

Anyway...One thing I have been working very hard on is this beautiful new crochet pattern :) It's a little sleeveless cardigan for your baby with a super cute Peter Pan collar. It's real easy to make too, so if your crochet skills aren't that advanced and you fancy like a new project, then give it a go. Again I used my favourite yarn at the moment - 100% cotton, in a olive green colour for the body and off white for the collar. I was going to sell the finished cardy in my shop, but it suits Tiny D's colouring down to the ground, so it's for keeps, I think! Oh, and the size is for around 6 to 12 months. Tiny D is nearly 7 months and it fits her with room to grow in to. If you need smaller/larger sizes, don't forget you can simply use thinner/thicker yarn and hook. You can find the pattern in my Etsy shop and Ravelry store. Hope you enjoy it!

Hopefully on Sunday, depending on this lovely British weather, I'll be going to my first car boot sale of the year. Yippee! Excited already :) If it happens, I'll be posting about the cool things I find. Have a great weekend yourselves,

Toodle pip!


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