Tickle Me Vintage

With the snow finally starting to melt a little, it was a small relief to get out and go to the local shops today. At least once every couple of weeks, I like to go round the charity shops to see what great vintage items I can find and give a new lease of life to. But today there was a extra special find. First I came across these little two old glass vases for a mere 20p each! What a bargain!

Then there was this extremely pretty plate. I've no idea how old it is but I simply had to have it!

Finally, I came across this (which isn't vintage at all!) -

Yes, that's right! A Badge Maker! Now, I know it's technically a toy, but I was looking at these on eBay not so long ago wondering if they were any good at making fabric badges. I had seen some fabric badges in a local craft centre and thought just how lovely they were, with ditsy material and  embroidery. So experimenting I went...

Unfortunately, my first attempt wasn't quite so successful. I realised that maybe the fabric needed to be thicker or layered in some way. This was great actually because this meant I could add ribbon or delicate lace.
Do you want to see what I came up with? I ended up making these beauties! Don't you think they're real pretty? I'm very chuffed with them and can't wait to make many more :)

Here's me modelling (hello!) -

I'd really like to make some sort of crochet themed badges in the near future and maybe put some in my shop. Watch this space!

See ya back here soon,


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