Happy Easter to you all!

Tickle Me Vintage

With the snow finally starting to melt a little, it was a small relief to get out and go to the local shops today. At least once every couple of weeks, I like to go round the charity shops to see what great vintage items I can find and give a new lease of life to. But today there was a extra special find. First I came across these little two old glass vases for a mere 20p each! What a bargain!

Then there was this extremely pretty plate. I've no idea how old it is but I simply had to have it!

Finally, I came across this (which isn't vintage at all!) -

Yes, that's right! A Badge Maker! Now, I know it's technically a toy, but I was looking at these on eBay not so long ago wondering if they were any good at making fabric badges. I had seen some fabric badges in a local craft centre and thought just how lovely they were, with ditsy material and  embroidery. So experimenting I went...

Unfortunately, my first attempt wasn't quite so successful. I realised that maybe the fabric needed to be thicker or layered in some way. This was great actually because this meant I could add ribbon or delicate lace.
Do you want to see what I came up with? I ended up making these beauties! Don't you think they're real pretty? I'm very chuffed with them and can't wait to make many more :)

Here's me modelling (hello!) -

I'd really like to make some sort of crochet themed badges in the near future and maybe put some in my shop. Watch this space!

See ya back here soon,


Snowy Spring

Greeted by this weather this morning,

I thought what a good opportunity it was to have a nice chill-out day at home, just me and Tiny D. Playing, sleeping (Tiny D not me, unfortunately!), hooking and photographing, it was actually quite exhausting! I was very happy with Tiny D. You see, she is a serial cat napper and has just had a growth spurt to top it off. Spending a day at home with her is has been very tiring, but not today! Oh no, two 1 hour and 45 minute naps! I couldn't believe it. Hopefully this is the start of better things to come :)

So what did I do with all this glorious time I had to myself, I hear you ask...

Ah ha! I have finished off a new Dribble Play Bib crochet pattern available here and here. I made a few extras using the pattern, in case you take a liking to them but don't have the time to make one. They are made out of wonderful 100% cotton yarn (which is one of my favourites at the moment). It's lovely and soft and I really like the way you can clearly see each stitch.

I also got round to listing all the sets of coasters in my Etsy shop that I have made, some also from 100% cotton yarn and some out of another one of my favourites Yeoman Yarns Panama 50/50 cotton/acrylic 4 ply yarn.

Well...time to relax now, me thinks, after all that. Enjoy your weekend :)

Ta Ta for now,


New Pattern!

New pattern, make your own crochet coasters!
Avaliable to buy and instantly download in my Etsy shop and Ravelry.
Hope you enjoy it :)

Pretty as a Picture

I got a tad carried away crocheting these cute bows over the weekend. I originally made one to go in my hair, as I love to wear bows. They look real pretty but not too sickly sweet either. But, when I came across this great picture frame on my shopping trip, I thought, 'why not display them all for everyone to see!' So crafting and arranging I went...

Adding a few vintage buttons and lace here and there, and I finally came up with this...

What do you think? Do you like it? It will look great in Tiny Doolally's room, or maybe I'll just leave it right here in my workroom :) 
It was a nice quick project and I'll be writing a pattern for these bows as soon as I get a min.

Bye for now

Don't Mind If I Do :)

I needed a cheer up because of such pants weather just lately, so I went on a bit of a shopping trip to here. When I go round this little maze, my eyes are everywhere. Seriously, they're on stalks! I can't stop myself from absorbing all the possibilities and colour. There were a lot of things I wanted to buy, but I told myself to calm down and to just get two of them. So, I got...

...this little drinking glass. I really, really love fancy glassware, I think it looks super pretty. I'm going to use it in my workroom. I also got....

...this delicate dish, also to use in my workroom. I have to be surrounded with pretties when I work :)

Oh, actually, I almost forgot, I got a frame too. A picture frame that is. Just a simple white one. I have Big plans for it. I'll show you when I'm finished. Project time!!!

A teeny reminder :)

Toodle pip xxx

Sunny Afternoon

I spent most of yesterday afternoon taking photos for my new pattern (it's nearly ready!). My daughter, let's call her Tiny Doolally, was happily playing on the colourful blanket I made for her before she arrived into the world. It was sooo lovely and peaceful just doing our own thing together. It made me laugh every time I looked down at her, with her hair bobbing about. She must have the craziest hair for a baby, I just had to take a photo.

Here's a sneak preview of what I've been working on this last week...a little crochet pattern to make your own coasters! They are inspired by the granny square but with little picots round the edge. I do love picots, they just seem to add that extra delicate finishing touch.

Auburn Ari looking after the newbies

There will be also some finished sets of coasters to buy in my shop soon. If you've not already seen, there is a 25% off sale in my Etsy shop at the moment to make way for the new things.

Enjoy your day!


My first Mother's Day

What a lovely Mothering Sunday I've had. Visiting family, eating and chatting together, and my daughter has been in such a great mood all day! She even gave me a (very much needed) undisturbed nights sleep! Not bad for a 5 month old :)
I've just popped a free crochet pattern on the 'Make Your Own' page, so if your looking for a bit of something to occupy yourself with on a Sunday evening, then why not have a go. It's super quick and super easy to make too!

Byeee for now,


Hi there

Hello and thanks for stopping by. This Blog is currently being set up. Please take a peek again in the near future when, hopefully, I have managed to get everything sorted out. See you real soon!

Amy ♥